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5 Benefits of hydrotherapy for animals


Hydrotherapy is actually a Greek word and translates to “water healing” and has been used for centuries to treat various ailments.  The buoyancy of the water helps to keep the full body weight off the injured body part allowing the muscles, joint and ligaments to be able to move without causing stress to them.  This can greatly speed up recovery time and help alleviate the pain of physical therapy.

7 Benefits of hydrotherapy for your pet

  • The water makes the body weightless and thus relieves unnecessary stress on the injured muscle, joint, ligament, etc.
  • Encourages weight loss and is ideal for dogs who need to shed a few pounds as it is a low impact workout on an underwater treadmill.
  • Helps promote balance and coordination for the animal
  • As water increases the circulation it is really good for the animal’s coat and their skin
  • Not only does water help aid in digestion but it can rid the body of toxins to improve the immune system as water tends to help with lymph drainage.


Water has always had great healing properties we drink it to survive, bath in it to keep us clean and swim in it for exercise and fun.  Just as it is really healthy and beneficial for humans it is just as much so for your pet.  A lot of animals do not really like getting wet but with the correct therapy they can overcome that and start to enjoy the feel of the water.
That is why it is really important that when seeking hydrotherapy, you ensure the therapist is certified and trained to help your animal.There are some instances where water therapy may not be ideal for your animal, for instance, there may be a problem with their ears if so your vet will not advise water therapy as it could cause serious damage to the inner ear.