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Could acupuncture help ease your animals pain?


Acupuncture involves the insertion of a fine needle into various predefined places on the body to stimulate and get a response from the nervous system such reflexes.
Acupuncture is very useful in the treatment of pain it is said to be quite relaxing for the animal and many actually peacefully fall asleep during the treatment.

5 Benefits of acupuncture

#1           Helps in alleviating gastrointestinal problems

As acupuncture increases the blood flow and stimulations the circulation this could help to settle the digestive tract and help with problems such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

#2           Benefit animals being treated for hip dysplasia and arthritis

It can aid in the recovery of nerve injuries and can be used in conjunction with rehabilitation to help manage the pain of hip dysplasia and arthritis.

#3           Help animals suffering from asthma

Acupuncture has been known to offer relief to suffers from allergies and asthma as it has been known to have great results with anti-inflammation and immune-calming

#4           Good results in the management of pain

One of the main benefits of acupuncture is pain management and as a result, it can be used in conjunction with many rehabilitation, post-op and chemotype treatments.  It helps the body fight by boosting the immune response and makes them more comfortable as it alleviates pain.

dog - Could acupuncture help ease your animals pain?

#5           Alleviates the effects of skin problems

It can help manage the pain of skin problems such as hotspots and allergic dermatitis.  Its stimulation of the circulation helps to promote faster healing and the pain reduction will stop the animal from wanting to scratch and or chew on the infected skin area.

Can acupuncture have any adverse effects on an animal?

There may be a bit of discomfort from the needles especially first-time patients.  The needles can cause a bit of tingle and numbness around the areas treated.
There is the alternative of acupuncture laser treatment which is completely painless, here a laser is used instead of needles so the animal experiences no discomfort at all.
If done by a professional acupuncturist who is experienced in the treatment of acupuncture for animals there is no risk of any side-effects.
Someone who does not know how to perform acupuncture on an animal could cause the dog a lot of pain if not harm.


Never try acupuncture on your own always make sure that your acupuncturist is legitimate and trained to be able to treat your pet.
It has been a great therapeutic practice especially for dogs that have a lot of pain.